Street food in Cambodia

When you come to Cambodia, do not forget to go to the river In front of the royal palace or in the market not in the supermarket, There are many types of street food starting from $ 1 you can taste.
The price is not expensive for foreign and Cambodian guests, the Cambodian people sell the same, They sell to foreign guests to taste Khmer street food and you can ask for taking a photo for free of charge, but if they charge money from you, the seller is not Khmer.

Clams (call: Leas)

Available everywhere in Cambodia, rich in hot months

This is a Clams that lives in rivers in sandy areas. they call "Leas" When extracted from the water, they are sprinkled with salt, pepper, garlic and other spices according to different vendor techniques. Then they are dried in the sun the whole day before eating. They call: Leas Hal, Delicious

Snail (call: kjorn)

Snails live in stagnant water, especially in the fields.

If we go to the countryside, it is easy and easy to find, but now, due to high demand, Cambodians have come to raise it. Easy to raise and sell quickly, use for 2 to 3 months, can be sold, Raising does not cost much capital and does not require large space.

Snails can be boiled, fried, Make soup others were burned. for me do like the picture is Popular, Delicious I Just writing the truth makes me salivate. Readers also do not understand my feelings.

Spider (call: AhPae)

When you see it, you clearly call it a spider, in fact it is called Ah Pae.

When you see it, you clearly call it a spider, in fact it is called a spider. It lives in moist forests, it has very hard teeth, if we are not careful it may bite us, but for hunters, they are skilled in finding their daily livelihood, it tastes delicious after being fried. With fat and other ingredients, it lives in the air, unlike other spiders, and is not cheap, it is expensive because it is a natural animal and difficult to find if we do not have many years of expertise.
(Angelina Jolie Eat Scorpions and Tarantulas)

Cricket Khmer Street food

There are three types of crickets: ground crickets, coconut crickets and iron crickets.

All three crickets can be eaten the same, just the wrong color and size, the iron crickets are black, Coconut crickets are big size and this picture is ground crickets, If eaten, do not forget to eat with chili, garlic leaves

Water Cockroaches

It lives in the lake, in the forest

It is taken from the water by the villagers and fried according to various techniques. Delicious taste and smell, When you have eaten one, you do not know how delicious it is until you have eaten three or four and you want to eat more. It is a natural animal and the price is expensive.

Banana Grills Cambodia

Special khmer's banner grills

They take unripe bananas come peel and dry in the sun 20 to 30 minutes then Plug the chin and grill on the charcoal grill. Roast until dry. after that the cooker take it to clamps and add some Ingredients by technically seller

Most people eat grilled bananas with sugar cane juice really delicious. This grilled banana is of Khmer origin.
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