Khmer Traditional Dress

Sampot Chang Kben: is the favored decision of dress for ladies of upper and working classes for every day wear.

Despite class, all Cambodian ladies wear the Sampot Chang Kben on unique occasions. Men additionally wear it as well, however the customary examples rely upon sexual orientation. It is worn by folding it over the midriff, extending it away from the body, and turning the bunch. The bunch is then pulled between the legs and held by a metal belt.

Other Khmer Dress still in use 2022
The sampot is the national garment of Cambodia. The traditional dress is similar to
Sompot Seai Sua
Sompot Seai Sua
Sompot Seai Sua is a monochromatic skirt with an along lower fix weaved in gold or silver. Today, this skirt is more famous among Laotian ladies than among the Khmer.
Sarong is a sort of Sampot that can be worn by all kinds of people. It is every day wear.
Av Pak
Av Pak
Av Pak is a new mainstream design pullover in Cambodia worn by ladies. Before, this sort of shirt required its own exceptional style with just white tone (Khmer sound: Av Pak)
Av Dai Puon
Av Dai Puon
It is a conventional shirt with short puffed sleeves from the Lovek period. it typically had a line of catches down the front. Simply the most extravagant ladies of that time might have managed the cost of one.
The Krama has been an image of Cambodian dress since the primary century rule of Preah Bath Hun Tean, Parts of the strings were then touched in red prior to beginning the weaving.
Sompot Pha Muong
They are single-hued and twill woven. There are at present 52 shadings used.The most esteemed silk used to make the Phamuong is Cambodian yellow silk, known for the best quality.
Sompot Samloy
Is a long skirt utilized day by day for people. The name Samloy for the most part alludes to no shading except for dark for old name, presently it is once in a while perceived as the delicate
Sompot Hol
is a commonplace conventional material. There are two sorts of Sampot Hol, one is a wrapping skirt that utilizes a strategy called chong kiet and twill weave.
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