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A sampot is like a sarong and is a long piece of texture that is folded over the midsection in explicit ways. It is Cambodia's public piece of clothing and is viewed as a significant piece of the nation's character.

The sampot was made in the first century during the Funan time, when Cambodian sovereignty was getting Chinese agents. The Cambodian lord requested his kin to wear the sampot to cover themselves and satisfy the Chinese guests.

The impact of Chinese culture in the making of sampots can in any case be found in examples and shades of the silk used to make them.

As a rule, sampots are produced using an excellent piece of weaved silk. The textures are ordinarily colored with rich tones and enhanced with gold weavings. Numerous sampots are gotten at the abdomen by a brilliant belt.

A sampot just covers the base portion of the wearer's body, so either a silk or cotton shirt is additionally worn. Shirts can go from relaxed cotton to exquisitely cut silk. These shirts are for the most part light in shading, to diverge from the profound shades of the sampot.

Sampots are worn by people the same, however various examples are held for various sexual orientations and social classes. Previously, sampots were viewed as everyday wear and everybody in Cambodia wore them. Today, sampots are ordinarily worn for formal occasions or during strict functions.
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