Royal Palace

Place in Phom Penh City

of Cambodia


In Cambodia

The Royal Palace is a delightful Cambodian-style building highlighted with sparkling gold. It was developed in 1865 and is the current home of the King of Cambodia. Inside this space, old fortunes incorporate an enormous Buddha's impression, addressing the 108 previous existences of the Buddha before he was re-embodied as Prince Siddharta, who accordingly acquired illumination. have the sublime seventeenth century emerald Buddha sculpture is made of Baccarat precious stone and strong gold. It gauges 90 kilograms and is embellished with 9,584 jewels. Bronze sculptures remain to one side and right sides. Close to these, encased under a glass cover, dwell a brilliant locus. On the divider, encompassing the Pagoda compound, (the most established piece of the royal residence) are many meters of frescos portraying a scene of the Indian epic Ramayana. These are the greatest painting frescos in South East Asia.

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