Garbage and Living in Cambodia

This is a piece of rubbish that is leftover from daily use, mostly rubbish, plastic bags, plastic plates.
Uncategorized species that harm the environment and humans as well, Why harm people? Some of the poorest people live in the area, To engage in daily garbage collection

The poor do what they can

They have no choice

How many people live in the garbage area? Are they happy and living there? If we saw life in that area, we would not want to live there. It is not easy to live with the weather, especially the smell.

School and Food

Did those children go to school?

Most of these children do not go to school due to lack of livelihood That's why parents force their children to pick up trash to make money, However, some NGOs helped send the children to school by helping their parents. NGOs return rice and some money for children to go to school

How many people work and live there?

There are many for all ages, whether old or young.

When you arrive in Cambodia, the capital Phnom Penh, You can ask them about the garbage area, They will show the Stung Meanchey area, Most tourists do not visit the area because there is nothing to see, only poor people and the stench of garbage.

But if you want to come and see, you can ride a motorbike or a Khmer trailer around 5usd to 6usd from Central Market to there, if you ride from Russian Market to Stung Mean Chey garbage area take around 15minute spend 4usd to 5usd for oneway.
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